Toots' Toes

hi =). Im Toots, Im 23 years old.... and these are my feets ;)
This blog is not intended for anyone under the age of 18 as some material may not be appropriate for all ages. It's also all kinds of nSFW... Enjoy ;)


Tootstoes is my name in kik too. I’d love some messages :)

Anonymous asked: Hey your feet are so cute and sexy, you got skype would love to see them sexy little toes on cam and let you watch me jerk off and shoot my load everywhere just knowing that your smelly cute feet are turning me the fuck on and making me rock hard? ;) xx

lol, thats silly, i already know i make you guys hard ;P

somewhatme asked: Welcome back sweetie... ive missed you and your sexy feet. :)

Aww thanks! ive missed my followers!! =) 

Sorry I’ve been gone for so long! But I’m back now! More pictures to come soon! :)

Sorry I’ve been gone for so long! But I’m back now! More pictures to come soon! :)

p4ralyze-me asked: heyy, how are you? I'm here still dying to know how would feel to have my hard cock between your hot feet and cum all over your toes...:c hahah bye, miss you

;) use your imagination

Anonymous asked: I miss your feet =[ Hope you had a lovely Christmas

My Christmas was lovely, thank you. Sorry I’ve been gone so long. But I’m baaack lol :)

urbz2011 asked: I want to be pathetically humiliated by ur feet :)

I bet ;)

jessandhertoesss-deactivated201 asked: So jelous of your feet! i wish i had toes like yours :/

aww! thank you, you are the sweetest! but i think your toes are adorable, just for the record =)

feetandfootblog asked: You have stunningly beautiful feet! Care to submit a pic for my blog featuring the most beautiful feet in the world? Pretty please? ;)

of course =) id love to!

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